Redd’s Music

welsh_cw1. Class War Goin’ On [in America] (Welsh)
2. No Way Out (Welsh, Elman)
3. Somebody’s Daughter (Welsh)
4. Lavalas (Welsh, Elman, Welsh)
5. You’ve Made an Impression on Me (Welsh, Elman)
6. Let the Little Yellow School Bus Go (Welsh, Elman)
7. The People’s Troubadour [for Jon Fromer] (Welsh)
8. Young People Rising (Welsh, Elman)
9. A Change Is Gonna Come (Cooke)
10. Corinna (Trad.)
11. By the Sweat of My Brow (Rhodes, Nash)
12. Lonesome Whistle (Davis, Williams)

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Redd Welsh--Stand with the People

1. The Freedom Train is Leaving the Station (Welsh, Elman)
2. Masters of War (Bob Dylan)
3. You Can Steal $26 (Welsh, Elman)
4. Who Are the Terrorists in This World? (Welsh)
5. That Faraway Look in Your Eyes (Welsh)
6. Nothing to Lose (But Our Chains) (Welsh)
7. Haiti Freedom Song (Welsh)
8. West Virginia My Home (Hazel Dickens)
9. Undying Love (Welsh, Elman)
10. Pipefitter’s Blues (Herman Coupel)
11. What Kind of Country is This? (Welsh)
12. Rockin Solidarity (Ralph Chaplin, Welsh)

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